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Christmas Floral design Video Tour

Brand new 2020 Christmas Floral Designs are HERE and ready for your home.   Join us for an exclusive video tour with Design Expert Brian as he highlights new wreaths, swags, and arrangements, all handmade by Prairie Gardens and Jeffrey Alans.   Plus, look below for more peeks at some of this year’s designs.

Finding Your Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree

How long will my tree last? What if the lights go out? How much will it cost? Sometimes finding your perfect Artificial Christmas Tree can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with your Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Tree Experts! Read below for quick and easy answers to some of our most frequently…

A Quick Sneak A Peek at 7 New Christmas Themes for 2020

Another season, another reason..for brand new Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Christmas collections for 2020! This year, enjoy 10 unique Christmas Themes where each and every item – ornaments, decor, ribbon, stems – have been specially selected to perfectly complement one another. Take a quick sneak peek at 7 of new theme collections for 2020…

5 Steps To Properly Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Picture this: you open your Artificial Christmas tree next Christmas season and…surprise!…you discover some not so great things inside. Maybe there are broken bulbs galore, or evergreen needles all off-color, or branches bent askew. What could possibly be the culprit? Often times, it’s improper storage. Storing your Christmas tree incorrectly can lead to tree or…

9 Top Picks For Perfect Christmas Gifts

It’s time to cross some people off your Christmas list…with some of our favorite holiday gift picks! You’ll find an incredible selection of perfect holiday gifts at Prairie Gardens and Jeffrey Alans this season, with Candles, Food, Boutique Items and so much more. View 9 of our favorite gift go-to’s below!