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Basics of Growing Tomatoes In Your Vegetable Garden

Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding and most popular additions to our beloved gardens, but you may be wondering…how can you get the best tomatoes ever? With just a few basics under you’ll belt, you’ll be on the rode to enjoying the juicy, fresh tomatoes, right from your own garden. Visit Prairie Gardens &…

Plant A Succulent Pot…in A Pot!

Succulent Pot in A Pot DIY

It’s a succulent pot in a pot! This trend has been popping up on instagram, and we’re totally on board. Learn how to create this simple DIY with Laura from Garden Answer, plus extra tips from Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans.

As An Expert: Is it Time to Plant Yet?

Our garden experts are constantly answering garden questions (that’s what they’re here for), so we’re plucking out the most popular ones and answering them right when they’re asked the most. On the docket: I can’t wait to garden! What can I plant now?

ONLINE OFFER: Free Hibiscus with $50 Gift Card Purchase

Receive a FREE Live Hibiscus Bush (10″ pot • about a $20 value) with any $50 gift card purchase made online for a limited time. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing support during this time of us and other local businesses – whether it’s words of encouragement, I-miss-you’s, gift card purchases and more….