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2018 Early Spring Floral Designs

The Early Spring Floral Design Collection has arrived! Take a peek at some of the beautiful designs you can find blooming in all their color and glory right now at Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans. Each and every design is handmade by us, for local creations you’ll only find here. Come find your favorite wreath, swag…

How to Dry Hydrangea Blooms

Don’t waste those gorgeous blooms! Drying Hydrangea blooms is super easy, they last for such a long time, and you can do it with any Hydrangea variety. Learn how in this easy DIY tutorial video with Laura from Garden Answer!

New! Christmas Floral Designs

Each and every one of our floral designs are handmade right here at Prairie Gardens by our wonderful team, for exclusive pieces you really won’t find anywhere else. Read more to see some of the beautiful designs they’ve just put together for the 2017 Christmas Season.