Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans



A newer category addition to the Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans stores, the Toy Department has quickly grown and expanded into one of the most colorful and fun areas of our stores to shop. Filled with puzzles, books, games, and more, peek at some of the unique gifts that are sure to bring big smiles to the little babes and kiddos in your world.


Finding a puzzle you absolutely love is so easy with a HUGE selection for adults and children from brands like EeBoo, Trove, New York Puzzle Company, True South Puzzles and Masterpieces. With new shipments coming all the time, you’ll always find something new to add to your collection or gift to family and friends.


Give the littlest ones in your life something new to discover with baby and toddler gifts that will spark their curiosity and wonder. Shop soft Crinkle Books and Board Books, Musical Toys, Baby Lovey Blankets, and Learning Toys from brands like Fat Brain, Ebba, and more.


They’re all the rage…Silicone Pop Fidget toys have become a fast favorite of kids both big and small. Find the Pop Fidgets in a TON of colors, sizes, and styles. Plus, there isn’t just the poppin’ kind. Find Fidgets you can spin, squish, and squeeze, too – anything to keep those little hands occupied! 


Find tables filled always-loved toy groupings with themes like Dinosaurs, Cars, and Dolls. Make sure to check out the Wee Baby Stella line from Manhattan Toys, a BRAND NEW addition to the Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Toy Departments. The new collection features the cutest little dolls and accessories for the little ones who love to care for little babies of their own.


Board Games, Card Games, Memory Games…it’s time to mix up family game night! Each game you’ll find at Prairie Gardens and Jeffrey Alans is chosen with the intention that game nights are meant to be filled with fun and full of laughter, with just the right amount of competition thrown in, too. 


Calling all fans…the Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Toy Departments have some finds for adults, too. Harry Potter, Friends, Bob Ross…once you fall in love with some of these cult favorites, there’s no going back. You’re hooked. So grab that mug, that lunch box, that pin, that fridge magnet – you need it all because you gotta express your fandom somehow.


Some things never go out of style. Discover vintage toys from generations where the simple games of Jacks, Marbles, or Pick Up Sticks entertained for hours. These three nostalgic classics, plus more retro throwbacks, are all waiting to be revisited and loved time and time again in store.


It’s time to get Easter basket stuffing! Easter themed Pop Fidgets, Plush, Books and more can be found for a limited time. Come hunt for your favorites to fill those baskets and make some little bunnies feel extra special.


Have a little maker in your life? Give them something new and fun to create with Craft Kits, Paint By Numbers, Coloring Books – all picked to encourage kids to use their talents to build, design, and create something all their own.


Now find the popular Timber Tots line in your PG & JA Toy Department! With Tree House Homes, Critters, and Accessories, toys from the Timber Tots Collection encourage and spark imaginative play, story-telling, and creativity.


Puppy Dogs, Unicorns, Lady Bugs…oh my! You can never go wrong with something cute and fluffy. Find stuffed animals and other plush that are perfect for gifting, cuddling, and snuggling.