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8 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

Should you be locked up for being a repeat houseplant murderer? We’re gonna let you off the hook. There are plenty of houseplants tolerant of homeowners who lack green thumbs. Here are 10 of our favorite hard-to-kill houseplants (often found in our greenhouses), so you can put your plant murdering past behind you.


How to Care for Orchids

Orchids may look like high-maintenance beauties, but once you know what makes them flourish, you’ll find them a cinch. Just follow these simple tips from our Plant Experts and your fancy-dancy orchids will be happy campers!

10 Unique Terrarium Ideas

While terrariums look pretty darn complicated, they’re super easy to make. This makes one of our favorite DIY ideas, especially during the Winter months when our cravings for the garden are at an all-time high. Shake off the terrarium intimidation factor and those winter blues with these 10 terrarium ideas we love. Plus, download our tips for piecing together your own!