11 Low-Light Tolerant Houseplants

The dilemma: you have a room that could benefit from the lush, green beauty of gorgeous indoor plants…but there are no south-facing windows providing tons of sunlight to spare.

The solution? These 11 beautiful houseplants that are champs at tolerating low-light conditions. 

In fact, many of these varieties do better away from the too-bright shine of direct sunlight. From ZZ plant to Peperomia, create a tropical getaway even in rooms where the sun doesn’t shine quite as bright.

Look out for these 11 varieties in the Prairie Gardens Greenhouses (please call ahead for exact availability), filled with the area’s largest selection of Houseplants and garden experts always on hand with the best plant expertise.

Acrea Palm

ZZ Plant

Spider Plant

Snake Plant

Golden Pothos



Peace Lily

Maiden Hair Fern


Chinese Evergreen

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