3 Under 10-Minute Wreath DIY’s for Valentines Day (and after!)

Same wreath, different season!

These 3 easy wreath DIY’s show you can quickly add a touch of love to an everyday wreath for Valentines Day and transition it into the next season.

You may already have a wreath you can give a little Valentine’s tweak. Check out the DIY inspiration below.

I Heart You Boxwood Wreath DIY

Have a plain boxwood wreath? This 5-minute DIY is easy-peasy.

What you need: floral heart picks.

Simply take heart floral picks (3 per stem, 2.97 while they last with Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans 2020 Valentines Collection) and cut them using floral wires. Then stick in to your boxwood wreath.

 Once Valentines day passes, remove the hearts…and you’re back to your year-long look.

Sweet on YOU-calyptus Wreath DIY

For those who like something a little more subtle, the soft touches on this wreath DIY is love bottled up.

We chose a plain Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Eucalyptus wreath for our Valentines Day additions, but many other foliage wreaths will work, too!

What you need: Floral Stems with a touch of pink & heart floral picks.

Cut and place your floral stems. Wire down stems if needed.

Stick and place your floral hearts. These picks feature soft pink glitter hearts with sweet satin bows – just 99¢ each with the 2020  Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Valentines Collection, while they last!

Once the season is over, remove your floral picks and stems and you’re back to your everyday greenery wreath!

Stuck on You Succulent Wreath DIY

Perfect for garden lovers, this easy DIY combines succulents, eucalyptus and more…plus a small touch of Valentines Love.

What you need: Grapevine wreath, Succulent Picks, Stems & Bushes of your choice.

Stick & place your elements – wire down if needed.

Add Love Sign – 7.97 while they last with the 2020 Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Valentines Collection. Wire down.

Add the pink heart floral picks! After season, just remove the hearts & you have a wreath to love all year round.

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