Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide

Showing no signs of slowing down, Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) has continued to win the go-to houseplant popularity contest.

With popularity, however, always comes a bit of a reputation. You may have heard of Fiddle Leaf Figs tendency to be a little finicky, and it’s true, they can be a little particular. Luckily, it’s nothing even houseplant beginners can’t handle.

With a little patience and understanding about what Fiddle Leafs crave to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, you’ll find it’s actually quite easy to experience success with this ever-popular indoor plant.

Learn how to care for Fiddle Leaf Figs below & make sure to look out for them at your local Prairie Gardens or Jeffrey Alans Greenhouse.


Native to the rain forests of Africa, Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy plenty of bright light. Place your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a sunny area directly in front of a window to allow it to soak up lots of sun during the day. When you notice it reaching towards the light, make sure to rotate your Fiddle Leaf Fig to promote a balanced growth habit. Plus, if you notice dust collection on the leaves, make sure to wipe it off so your Fiddle Leaf Fig is able to absorb sunlight more easily.


Due to being Tropical plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy more humid and warm environment (between 65-75°F). Not fans of dryness & drafts, it’s best to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig away from A/C and heating vents. If the air of your home appears dry, your Fiddle Leaf Fig could benefit from being in a room with a humidifier.


It’s often good practice to re-pot any indoor plants from a garden center greenhouses after purchasing. They are often in pretty small containers and could benefit from a little more room.

Re-pot in a container that is about 2-4″ larger in diameter than it’s previous and make sure to use a high-quality potting mix to allow for proper drainage.

Typically, happy Fiddle Leaf Figs will need to be re-potted every one & a half to two years or once you notice roots protruding out from the bottom of your Fiddle Leaf Fig’s container.

The best time to re-pot your your Fiddle Leaf Fig is during the most active parts of the growing season (spring–summer), when it is at it’s strongest and happiest.


While Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy thorough waterings, they do not like to sit in water. Wait to water your Fiddle Leaf Fig until the top inch of soil is dry. If dry, give it a good soak, making sure the excess water runs out of the bottom of its pot.

Over watering or under watering Fiddle Leaf Figs is one of the most common mistakes, and unfortunately, it is hard to tell which one it is suffering from.

An under watered Fiddle Leaf Fig’s leaves will start to brown and curl along the edges, drop, and feel dry to the touch when they fall off.

An over watered Fiddle Leaf Fig’s leaves will also brown. If your fiddle leaf fig is placed in a nice, sunny location and having leaves drop when the soil is most, allow it to dry out a bit more in between waterings.


As you water, some nutrients leave the soil along with the excess water; therefore, fertilizing about once a month during the growing season (spring through fall) is a great way to add some of those nutrients back in to the soil. Look for an indoor plant food and follow the instructions on the label.

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