Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, Strawberry Bare Roots & More Have Arrived

Seed Potatoes, Onion Sets, and bare roots (Strawberry & Asparagus) have arrived and they’re only available for a limited time at our Prairie Gardens Champaign Location. Learn more about the 2021 varieties below. Please call ahead for exact availability as selection may vary from day to day.


.79 per pound


  • Late-Season Variety (110-120 days)
  • Round shape,, shallow eyes, smooth buff skin, white flesh
  • Excellent storage potato
  • Good boiling variety


  • Mid-Season Variety (90-100 days)
  • Oblong shape, shallow eyes, smooth buff skin, white flesh
  • Good storage potato
  • Good table variety (for fries, chips, backing, hasbrowns)


  • Late-Season Variety (110-120 days)
  • Oblong to round shape, medium deep eyes, dark red smooth skin, white flesh
  • Short storage life
  • Fair boiling variety
  • Excellent baking variety


  • Mid-Season Variety (90-100 Days)
  • Oval shape, shallow pink eyes, yellowish-buff finely flaked skin, light yellow flesh
  • Excellent storage
  • Good boiling and baking variety


1.29 per pound

Choose from Yellow, Red, and White Onion Sets, while they last. Please call ahead for exact availability.



10 plants per bundle • 17.99 

Purple Passion

  • Many similar characteristics to green asparagus, but offers something new for the asparagus connoisseur
  • Spears produced have several qualities which make it quite different than common green asparagus
  • Deep-burgundy coloration
  • Spears generally larger and much more tender than its green counterparts

Jersey Giant

  • Predominately male hybrid emerges approximately 7-10 days earlier than other varieties
  • Great tasting and very tender
  • Jersey Supreme is just as cold tolerant and disease resistant as Jersey Knight


  • Earliest asparagus of the season.
  • Bumper crops of mild, tender, uniform spears
  • Has a high percentage of male plants for better crop production

Strawberry Bare Roots

25 Plants Per Bundle • 12.99

FlavorfestJune Bearing

  • Consistent high yields.
  • Large bright-red, juicy berries
  • with excellent flavor in mid-season
  • Highly resistant to fruit diseases

SeascapeJune Bearing *BEST SELLER

  • A very large, hardy, heavy producing variety 
  • firm fruit
  • good color and flavor when picked ripe

JewelJune Bearing

  • Best all around variety.
  • Produces large, firm, wedge-shaped fruit of excellent color and quality.
  • Its firmness and abrasive resistant skin makes it less susceptible to fruit rots

EarliglowJune Bearing

  • Excellent classic strawberry flavor and very sweet.
  • Glossy, deep-red, firm fruit
  • Produces fruit very early 
  • Resistant to fruit disease

    Prairie Gardens Location Only

Availability May Vary – Please Call Ahead for Exact Availability 

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