8 Tips for First-Time Framers

Where do you start? What will it cost? How do you narrow down the options?

Custom Framing for the first time can feel daunting, but framing what you love is incredibly easy with the Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Framing Experts.

Here are our 8 tips for first-time framers + special tips from the Framing Experts!


Start with what you love.

When it comes to choosing something to Custom Frame, always choose something you love. Your framing piece will last a lifetime (it’s our guarantee), so it should be something that will make you happy for years to come.

Also know what you frame doesn’t always have to be the obvious, like a piece of art or a photograph. Our Experts can frame just about anything. Even if you think they can’t frame it, bring it in and dare them to figure it out…we bet they’ll nail it.


Always go with the professionals.

It may seem like a simple tip, but it’s a must. From how it looks, to how long it’ll last, a knowledgable Expert is essential to your piece being the best it can be.

You Framing Expert will guide on the right path for your piece, making the custom framing process much less stressful and confusing than if you were on your own. They’ll give you all the options for your piece and provide explanations for their recommendations.

With a professional, you’ll know your piece will be designed well, built correctly, and will come out exactly as you expected without all the stress of trying to manage a professional craft on your own. In the end, relying on a Framing Expert will save you time and money.


Go local.

You’ll often find the best experts in local frame shops. Why? They stick around. Many of our Experts have been framing with us for years, backing up their framing knowledge with tons of experience. We just can’t shake ’em and we don’t want to…they’re an essential part of our family.



Don’t be shy.

Have ideas? Share them! Our experts are there to collaborate with you. They want to make a piece you’ll absolutely love, and that involves incorporating your style.

Share with them you favorite colors, your design taste (modern? traditional?), and any other ideas you may have or envision for your piece.

No ideas? No problem – our experts will bring a ton to the table.



Consider where your piece will go.

Where your piece will go can inspire many aspects of your piece, from the size to the color. If you have an idea of where you’d like your piece to go, note what room it is in, the colors of the wall, or the style of your decorating.

You can even snap a quick pic to show your expert. They’ll not just consider the item that’s in your frame, but where your frame will be strutting its stuff.



Lean on your expert.

Know your expert is there to push your piece to the absolute best it can be and you can lean on them for ideas to elevate your piece.

They’ll flex their design muscles and you may just discover something even better than you imagined. Come with your ideas as well as an open mind and enjoy the collaboration ride.


Don’t be afraid to talk budget.

The price of your framing piece depends on many factors, such as the size, moulding choice, glass options and more. While this may feel overwhelming, your Framing Expert will do the hard part of crunching all the numbers and giving you options to fit your budget.

You get to do the easy part…loving the final result (and not hating the price tag). We have framing options to fit every budget, with all-in-one framing starting at just 49.99, so no need to be afraid to have the money conversation.


Know your piece will last a lifetime.

It’s important to know Custom Framing does not only feature what you love in a beautiful way, but also provides protection from environmental factors.

Our framing experts will share with you the ways in which different framing options, such as the type of glass, can protect and prolong the life of what you love, backing your piece up with a Lifetime Guarantee.


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