With houseplants sourced from the best growers and Plant Experts always on hand to answer your garden questions, shop the area’s largest selection of indoor plants, fresh from the Prairie Gardens Greenhouses. Discover all your favorites, plus some new ones to add to the mix with Foliage Houseplants, Cactus & Succulents, Bloomers, and more.

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ZZ Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Monstera, Peperomia, Chinese Evergreen and so much more…shop an ever-changing, local selection of fresh, healthy foliage houseplants to create a lush, tropical getaway inside your home. Filled with thousands of indoor plants, you won’t find this many houseplants anywhere else! 

19 Pet-Friendly Houseplants


Easy-to-care for and filled with irresistible variety and texture, choose from hundreds of cactus and succulents in various sizes, from itty-bitty-cute to whoa-that’s-big! With new shipments arriving all the time, always find catcus and succulent varieties looking beautiful and fresh in the PG Greenhosues.

8 Easy-Care for Houseplants


Enjoy Orchids, African Violets and more houseplant blooming plants, available seasonally in the PG Greenhouses. Perfect for gifting, or adding a touch of color to your indoor space. Please call ahead for current availability and stock.

How to Care for Orchids


Choose from terrariums, handmade right here (by Linda!) at Prairie Gardens. Available seasonally – please call ahead for current stock. Want to tackle your own? Shop miniature plants perfect for terrariums, soil, rock, moss, containers and more.

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Tillandsia (Airplants), Bonsai Trees, Venus Fly Traps and more can also often be found in the PG Greenhouses. Come discover what’s unique, trendy, and new with fresh shipments arriving all the time.

11 Low-Light Tolerant Houseplants


Find the perfect home for any plant with an incredible selection of pottery and planters. Choose from ceramic pottery, plastic & fiberglass pots, Terra Cotta Pots & moreā€¦in every style & size! Plus, find everything else for your houseplant needs with pot saucers, macrame hangers, soils, amendments, care products with both natural and chemical based solutions.

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Get the garden expertise when you need it most with Plant Experts always on hand in the PG greenhouse to answer your garden Questions. Plus, listen to the PG Experts on their Radio Show! Tune in to Plant Experts LIVE Saturdays at 8:15am on 1400AM WDWS. Or listen anytime via Apple & Stitcher Podcast Apps.

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