The below list includes varieties you’ll often find in the PG Greenhouses during the Garden Season.

Please always call ahead to check actual in-store availability. The below list is what you will often find in the PG Greenhouses.

Macrophylla Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Annabelle
Hydrangea Bloomstruck
Hydrangea Blue Cassell
Hydrangea Blushing Bride
Hydrangea Cape May
Hydrangea Cherry Explosion
Hydrangea Cityline Paris
Hydrangea Edgy Hearts
Hydrangea Enchantress
Hydrangea Endless Summer
Hydrangea Everlasting Amesthyst
Hydrangea Everlasting Emerald
Hydrangea Everlasting Garnet
Hydrangea Everlasting Opal
Hydrangea Everlasting Revolution
Hydrangea Expression
Hydrangea LA Dreaming
Hydrangea Lemon Daddy
Hydrangea Licorince Lollypop
Hydrangea Light of Day
Hydrangea Mini Penny
Hydrangea Penny Mac
Hydrangea Rhythmic Blue
Hydrangea Ruby Blossom
Hydrangea Stargazer
Hydrangea Starlight
Hydrangea Starlight
Hydrangea Tiny Tuff Stuff
Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Red
Hydrangea Twist & Shout
Hydrangea Varigated
Hydrangea Wedding Gown
Hydreagea Double Delight

Arborescens Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Annabelle
Hydrangea Bobo
Hydrangea Incrediball Blush
Hydrangea Invincibelle Lime
Hydrangea Invincibelle Ruby
Hydrangea Invincibelle Wee Willy
Hydrangea Invincible Wee White
Hydrangea Lime Rickey
Hydrangea Mini Mauvette
Hydreangea Invincibelle Spirit

Panicle Hydrangeas

Hydranagea Little Lime Tree
Hydrangea Berry White
Hydrangea Bobo
Hydrangea Bombshell
Hydrangea Candy Apple
Hydrangea Dimond Rouge
Hydrangea Fire & Ice
Hydrangea Fire Light
Hydrangea Great Star
Hydrangea Ha Ha Tuff Stuff
Hydrangea Incrediball
Hydrangea Lavalamp Flare
Hydrangea LavaLamp Moonrock
Hydrangea Limelight
Hydrangea Limelight Tree
Hydrangea Little Lime
Hydrangea Little Quickfire
Hydrangea Magcial Candle3
Hydrangea Mystical Flame
Hydrangea Pee Gee
Hydrangea Phantom
Hydrangea Pinky Winky
Hydrangea Quickfire
Hydrangea Snow Mountain
Hydrangea Snow Mountain Tree
Hydrangea Starlight
Hydrangea Strawberry Shake
Hydrangea Strawberry Sundae
Hydrangea Sweet Summer
Hydrangea Vanilla Strawberry

Oakleaf Hydrangeas

Hydrangea Alice
Hydrangea Autumn Revolution
Hydrangea Gatsby’s Gal
Hydrangea Gatsby’s Star
Hydrangea Jetstream
Hydrangea Queen of Hearts
Hydrangea Ruby Slippers
Hydrangea Snowqueen
Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Red

The above list includes varieties you’ll often find in the PG Greenhouses.

Items are coming & going all the time.

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