Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans



Every season, shop the area’s best and largest selection of Silk Stems, Garlands, and Flowering Bushes. Early-spring arrivals are HERE and ready to revitalize your home after all the holiday decor comes down.


Discover a great selection of Ribbon By the Bolt in your Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans Floral Department. There are so many colors, patterns, and sizes from which to choose, all in the trendiest styles of the season and holidays. Ready-to-grab Bows (hand-tied by us) are always available, too. Not seeing something you love? We’ll hand-tie a bow for you while your in store with any ribbon of your choice. Just ask for a PG & JA Floral Design Expert. 


Add touches of green to any space with Greenery Bushes, Picks, and Garlands. Also shop larger Faux Potted Trees – choose from Palm, Fern, Ficus, and more. Plus, make sure to check out the PG & JA best-seller collection of Boxwood Trees and Orbs in many shapes, styles and sizes. Need a pot for your new faux plant? Head to our pottery department for an extensive selection of pots for both indoor and outdoor use.


Creating something all your own? Find supplies in your PG & JA Floral Department to get the job done. Shop Glue Guns, Glue Sticks, Floral Foam, Wire and more to get crafting.


Both decorative and functional, shop a wonderful selection of glass vases, glass bowls, mason jars, ceramics, and more. Need fillers? Sand, marbles, and rocks are also available right nearby the vases & containers in your PG & JA Floral Department.


Loving, Lasting…honor the ones you love with the very best Memorials and Cemetery Arrangements around. Each and every one is handmade by us for special, one-of-a-kind creations you’ll only find at your local Prairie Gardens or Jeffrey Alans. Choose from Weighted Arrangements, Weighted Arrangements, Hanging Baskets, Spikes, and Saddles…available every season. Making something of your own? Find Cemetery Arrangement supplies with saddle & wreath forms, spike containers, and more in the PG & JA Floral Department.

Memorial Collections


Add texture and interest with Drieds, Grapevine Balls & Wreaths, and Moss, available all year round in the PG and JA Floral Department.


Early-spring Floral Designs are HERE! They’re new, beautiful, and bursting with color and ready for your home. Plus, they’re extra special because many of the beautiful floral creations you’ll find at your PG & JA are hand-made exclusively by us. Meaning, you won’t find them at any old box store. Your home is unique, and deserves something that’s one-of-a-kind and handmade locally…just for you. 

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