The below list includes varieties you’ll often find in the PG Greenhouses during the Spring Garden Season.

The incredible selection will be COMING SOON. When they do arrive, please always call ahead to check actual in-store availability. The below list is what you will often find in the PG Greenhouses.

HOSTA 1st and Ten
HOSTA Abiqua Drinking Gourd
HOSTA Albo Marginata
HOSTA American Halo
HOSTA August Moon
HOSTA Baby Booties
HOSTA Big Daddy
HOSTA Blazing Saddles
HOSTA Blue Angel
HOSTA Blue Hawaii
HOSTA Blue Ivory
HOSTA Blue Mouse Ears
HOSTA Bressingham Blue
HOSTA Brother Stefan
HOSTA Christmas Candy
HOSTA Christmas Tree
HOSTA Crusader
HOSTA Curly Fries
Hosta Diamonds Are Forever
HOSTA Diana Remembered
HOSTA Dream Queen
HOSTA Dream Weaver
HOSTA Earth Angel
HOSTA Ellerbroek
HOSTA Empress Wu
HOSTA Fantabulous
HOSTA Fire and Ice
HOSTA First Blush
HOSTA First Frost
HOSTA Fragrant Blue
HOSTA Fragrant Dream
HOSTA Francee
HOSTA Francis Williams
HOSTA Gold Standard
HOSTA Golden Tiara
HOSTA Great Expectations
HOSTA Guacamole
HOSTA Halcyon
HOSTA Hush Puppie
HOSTA Island Breeze
HOSTA Key West
HOSTA Krossa Regal
HOSTA Lakeside Paisley Print
HOSTA Liberty
HOSTA Loyalist
HOSTA Maui Buttercups
HOSTA Megan’s Angel
HOSTA Minuteman
HOSTA Neptune
HOSTA Old Glory
HOSTA Patriot
HOSTA Patriot
HOSTA Prairie Sky
HOSTA Prairie Sky
HOSTA Praying Hands
HOSTA Rainforest Sunrise
HOSTA Royal Wedding
HOSTA Shadowland™ Autumn Frost
HOSTA Shadowland™ Coast to Coast
HOSTA Shadowland™ Diamond Lake
HOSTA Shadowland™ Empress Wu
HOSTA Shadowland™ Etched Glass
HOSTA Shadowland™ Hudson Bay
HOSTA Shadowland™ Seducer
HOSTA Shadowland™ Waterslide
HOSTA Shadowland™ Wheee
HOSTA Shadowland™ Wu La La
HOSTA Sieboldiana Elegans
HOSTA So Sweet
HOSTA St. Elmo’s Fire
HOSTA Stained Glass
HOSTA Sum & Substance
HOSTA Twilight
HOSTA Undulata Variegata
HOSTA Victory
HOSTA Vulcan
HOSTA Whirlwind
HOSTA Wide Brim
HOSTA Wolverine

The above list includes varieties you’ll often find in the PG Greenhouses.

Items are coming & going all the time.

Call ahead to be sure they are in-stock: 217-356-6532