2017 Spring Open House

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2. ANY 6 Ceramic Pots, up to $199.99 each

3. ANY 7 Premium Combination Planters or Hanging Baskets,           up to $79.99 each

4. Perennial dream garden, $400 value

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April 1st Garden Seminars

What’s a Bulb Got to Do With It? : The squirrels aren’t telling but Dianne will. Dianne can certainly show you some beautiful and intriguing combinations of bulbs and perennials that will spruce up any garden despite the squirrels.
Hydrangeas - Myth, Mystery and Magic: Or everything you’ve always wanted to know about Hydrangeas but were afraid to ask. Matt will enlighten, inspire and dispel what is and isn’t going on in the very popular world of Hydrangeas. You shouldn’t miss this great presentation by Matt from Monrovia.
The Birds and the Bees 101: In a nut shell, pollinators for every garden. Jim’s years of gardening and bee keeping come together in this presentation. Don’t be afraid of bees. Learn how to embrace, live with and encourage their populations and have a beautiful garden.
Walk Away Gardening: No brainer plants and imperative site preparation. Ok so maybe not exactly maintenance-free but some plants that are pretty close. Combined with really good soil preparation these can make for an easy care garden or a walk-away garden. Matt has many years of experience with plants through Monrovia and will share with us the walk-away secrets.

April 8th Garden Seminars

Monochromatic Container Design: What’s color got to do with it anyway? And do you want food with that? That’s a really long word for using just one color tone in a design. It sounds complicated but, oh no! John and Mary Ann will show you how to pull it off with great success. But wait, you want to add edibles to your container design? No problem. We can do it.
The Secret Life of Bees: Well not really secret but so essential. We need them and we can help them. Jim will explain the necessity of bees and other pollinators in our gardens and in our lives. Learn how to attract and facilitate an environment for pollinators and have a beautiful garden all at the same time.
Who Needs Flowers Anyway? : Ok, everyone wants that perennial that blooms all summer. Not. It’s easy and rewarding to design with plant foliage and can be as colorful as flowers. Mary Ann and John will show you a great selection of perennials that will provide color all growing season even after the flowers are gone.
The Succulent Dish Exposed: In a dish, in a pot or in a bed succulents are really hot and really easy. Designing a container or a spot in the garden with incredibly popular succulents is so much fun and so rewarding. John and Mary Ann will share design ideas and tricks to create a dish of distinction or pretty pot or a bed of beauty.