Ask an Expert: Should I be watering my plants during Winter?

Our Plant Experts are constantly answering questions (that’s what they’re here for), so we plucking out and answering the popular ones, right when they’re asked the most. On the docket: winter watering. The answer may surprise you.

Q: Should I be watering my plants during Winter?

If it hasn’t rained or snowed recently and the ground isn’t frozen, you’ll want to water newly planted shrubs, trees and perennials, even in Winter. They’ll need about an inch of water a week, and there have been many chances to water this season.

Newer plantings have not yet had the time to establish their roots over multiple seasons, so they’re unable to pull up as much moisture from the soil and can become dehydrated from the sun and wind.

Check the soil every couple of weeks and water if dry. Mulching them will also help them retain more moisture.

— John W., Prairie Gardens Plant Expert

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