8 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

These items may be small, but they’ll be appreciated big time when found tucked away in a stocking. Here are 8 of our favorite stocking gifts for you last-minute stuffers – find them all in store at Prairie Gardens.

1. Yankee Tarts & Votives

Because if it doesn’t smell like Christmas, it’s not Christmas at all, right?

2. Walton Wood Farm Bath Collection

Because the holidays are stressful, and we all deserve some pampering afterwards.

3. Food Mixes

Because it’s the season to Eat, Drink & Be Merry – and until the first of the year, eating all the foods is allowed. Shop bread, dip, soup mixes and more.

4. Christmas Mugs


Because the only day we wake up early is on December 25th and we need some coffee STAT.

5. Scarves

Because it’s winter and we’re cold AKA let’s put on as many scarves as humanly possible before we go outside.

6. Jewelry

Because who doesn’t like sparkly things??

7. Chocolate

Because Chocolate, enough said.

8. Gift Card

Because when all else fails, let them pick!