New 2017 Seed Starting Varieties from Botanical Interests

A sure sign Spring is near? When Seeds arrive! Check out just a few of our new varieties from 2017 from one of our favorite seed lines, Botanical Interests. They’ve just arrived and are giving us the strength we need as we patiently (not really) hang on for Spring to grace us with its presence once again. 

For the Cat Spoliers

Cat Grass Oats, Avena sativa

Satisfy your cat’s craving for greens with a safe alternative to houseplants and turfgass! Provides vitamins and minerals, and aids digestion.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Tea Sippers

Chamomile German, Matricaria recutita

Lovely, east to grow, apple-scented flowers for soothing tea, potpourris, and dried flower arrangements. A staple of any herb garden.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Butterfly Lovers

Echinacea, Purple Coneflower, Echinacea purpurea

This long-blooming, drought-tolerant plant adds late summer color and winter interest. Attractive to butterflies!

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Sandwich Kings & Queens

Onion, Cabernet, Allium Cepa (hybrid)

Cabernet’s globe shape and burgundy skin make it a picturesque addition to your harvest! Enjoy this sweet flavor raw on salads, burgers, or cooked in jam.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Herb Pinchers

Nouveau Fines Herbs

Bon appetit! Use this nouveau (french for “new”) mix of Fine Herbs to delicately season mild dishes, such as fish and vegetables.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the BEE-lievers

Flower Mix, Precious Pollinators, Assorted Species

Protect our precious pollinators by providing food and nectar with this vibrant mix of yellows, reds, and blues, sure to entice all of your pollinator friends. Annual and perennial flowers and herbs, many that are native to North America.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Jack-the-Beanstalk-Climbers

Bean Bush, Blue Lake 274, Phaseolus vulgaris

Renowned favorite with exceptional flavor and tenderness; one of the best varieties for freezing. Stringless when picked young.

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

For the Practical & Aesthetically Inclined 

Swiss Chard, Bright Lights, Beta vulgaris subsp. Vulgaris

Light up your garden and patio containers with the dazzling colors of this edible leaf that doubles as an ornamental. Stem colors include gold, orange, pink, yellow, crimson and lavender!

Photo Source: Botanical Interests

Watch video below for even more new varieties.

Looking for a certain variety?

Selection constantly changes. Give Us a Call to check on specific avalability. Our Plant Experts will be happy to help.

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