Christmas Memorial Collection

Loving, lasting – at Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans all our Memorial Floral Designs are handmade just for you.
Learn what makes the exclusive collection so special with Andrea!

Unique, Beautifully Designed Pieces

Each and every one of our memorials is dreamed up and designed by our talented team of designers who scour the markets every season to bring you the very best in memorial design.

Every handpicked component is then hand-pieced together with care by our Prairie Gardens and Jeffrey Alans designers, right here in Champaign, IL.

It’s our mission for you to celebrate someone special, with something special – with designs you’ll only find locally, here at Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans.


Handmade Long-Lasting Craftsmanship

Our memorials are designed and handmade with both beauty and practicality in mind, ensuring your piece will not only look stunning, but will last and withstand the elements of our Midwest climate.

Every arrangement features high-quality silk flowers and ribbon for long-lasting color. They’re UV resistant and weatherproof; ensuring the colors of your arrangement will retain their bright colors and will not bleed. Each stem is either glued, picked or wired to make them as secure as possible.

All containers used are also weatherproof and rust-resistant, with weighted options available to hold up to our Midwest winds.

You’ll be sure your piece is made with high-quality materials and hand-pieced together with care for a beautiful creation that will last a season with ease.

Incredible Selection

It’s the best selection in the Midwest! You won’t find a larger selection anywhere else.

Find every type of memorial arrangement with saddles, hanging baskets, spikes, hoops, weighted arrangements and more in every color you can think of (and more than you even imagined).

The sheer amount of various colors, shapes, blooms, and textures will ensure you find something you absolutely love…for someone you love, at just the right price.

Prairie Gardens & Jeffrey Alans

Handmade Memorial Designs

Large selection of Saddles, Weighted Arrangements, Baskets & More

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