2017 Forsythia Floral Design Collection

We have to thank our floral designers – they bang out and hand-make gorgeous designs every season, and we’re loving their first collection for 2017. Full of bright yellows, vibrant greens, and amazing texture they have us thinking of springtime sunshine in the midst of winter chills. See the new designs and learn how we make it all happen.

The Collection Inspiration

Forsythia is one of the Spring’s first bloomers, making it the perfect inspiration for the start of 2017. The bright yellow blooms pop and pair perfectly against the green foliage, and crisp white accents add flairs of freshness amongst the brightness.

Our Process

It all starts with the markets, where our designers scour the trends and begin developing the exciting new looks and collections to bring you in the coming year.

Picking out each and every piece – from the container, to the ribbon, to the florals – they then begin mixing and matching them to create gorgeous one-of-kind creations for every season. It’s a large task, and while we don’t know exactly how they manage it, they always pull it off…and we love them for it.

All the designs are then pieced together by hand, just a few yards down the street from our store at our Design Center. Bet you’ve driven past it many times…now you know what’s going on in there!

Our Difference

When we felt we couldn’t find knock-your-socks off designs to bring in at the sharp retail prices we wanted, we said, hey, let’s do it ourselves. Every since then, starting from scratch has has allowed us to create better designs you really can’t find anywhere else at better prices. Triple win!

Our designers also live and breathe our local community – it’s where they call home – making them more in tune to what shoppers in our tiny corner of the world may enjoy the most. We’d wager you’ve brushed past a designer who has helped create our designs while you’ve been shopping in store, which we think is pretty cool. 


Selection is constantly changing. Please call for availability, we’ll be happy to help.