12 Creative Succulent Ideas

We’re crazy for succulents and these super creative and unique ways to decorate them: check out 12 of our favorite ideas you can DIY with plants from our greenhouses.

1. Directionally Chic.

 Source:  A Beautiful Mess

Source: A Beautiful Mess

2. Hello, it’s Cuteness on the Line.

 Source:  I Spy DIY

Source: I Spy DIY

3. Not a bad place to be caught in the middle.

 Source: Country Living

Source: Country Living

For tips on how to care for your succulents and more, check out this great resource.

4. Give it a Vintage Twist.

 Source:  The Crafted Sparrow

Source: The Crafted Sparrow

5. Oh, so sweet.

 Via  Prairie Gardens

Via Prairie Gardens

6. Dino Toy Transformation.

 Source:  Maggie Overby Studios

Source: Maggie Overby Studios

7. Brew this up.

 Via Prairie Gardens

Via Prairie Gardens

8. Bottom’s up with Easter Egg Cups.

 Source:  A Kalio Chic Life

Source: A Kalio Chic Life

9. These are some mean mugs.

 Source:  B  lue Bird Kisses

Source: B lue Bird Kisses

10. Tea Tin-tastic.

 Source:  The Sarah Johnson

Source: The Sarah Johnson

11. Take a Page out of this Book.

 Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy

12. Fan Blade Art.

 Source:  Ranchoreubidox.com

Source: Ranchoreubidox.com

Visit our greenhouses for tons of succulents to make your own creations!

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