12 Creative Succulent Ideas

We're crazy for succulents and these super creative and unique ways to decorate them: check out 12 of our favorite ideas you can DIY with plants from our greenhouses.

1. Directionally Chic.

2. Hello, it's Cuteness on the Line.

 Source:  I Spy DIY

Source: I Spy DIY

3. Not a bad place to be caught in the middle.

 Source: Country Living

Source: Country Living

For tips on how to care for your succulents and more, check out this great resource.

4. Give it a Vintage Twist.

5. Oh, so sweet.

6. Dino Toy Transformation.

7. Brew this up.

 Via Prairie Gardens

Via Prairie Gardens

8. Bottom's up with Easter Egg Cups.

9. These are some mean mugs.

10. Tea Tin-tastic.

11. Take a Page out of this Book.

 Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Apartment Therapy

12. Fan Blade Art.

Visit our greenhouses for tons of succulents to make your own creations!