10 Unique Terrarium Ideas


While terrariums can look pretty darn complicated, they're super easy to create – making them one of our favorite DIY ideas, especially during the Winter months when our cravings for the garden are at an all-time high. Shake off that intimidation factor and those Winter blues with these 10 terrarium ideas we love. Plus, download our tips for creating your own with Prairie Gardens supplies! 

1. Coffee Pot Terrarium

The perfect kitchen addition. 

2. Light Bulb Terrarium

What a bright idea!

3. Wine Glasses


4. Water Garden 

So mesmerizingly tranquil.

 Learn how to make your own:  Source

Learn how to make your own: Source

5. Layered Sand

For you bright folks – find colored sand in our floral department.

6. Mason Jar

Just when you thought there wasn't anything more you could possibly do with a mason jar.

7. Dinosaur Retreat 

A fun way to get the kids involved!

8. Fairy Garden Terrarium

Find minatures in our fairy garden department to create a quaint village.

9. Nautical 

Sun, sand and all things grand.

10. Hanging Orb

Spot these orb containers in our Candle Department.